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Your perfume explains more about your personality than your handwriting

In my opinion, perfumes, like the style of dress or hairstyle, represent a part of our personality

Perfume Models

Bitter Aroma
Warm Perfume
Cold Perfume
Sour Aroma

Bitter and sweet warm aroma

Essential oils such as tree roots and spicy oriental spices are often used to make bitter aromas.

Sweet and warm perfumes are also perfumes that have the smell and taste of chocolate and summer fruits.

Cold Perfume

Cold perfume is called a perfume that induces a feeling of coolness and freshness. Inhaling these scents usually makes us remember the taste of fruits such as cucumber and watermelon.

Sour Aroma

Sour aroma is a fragrance that evokes the taste of citrus. Sour fragrances also evoke a sense of freshness and happiness.

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