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Dubai visa

Personal photo
identification card
It costs $ 80

Visa Thailand

identification card
Personal photo

Jordan visa

Preparation deadline2to 5 days
It costs $ 45

Iran Visa

Visa documents?
Passport, Vaccine card

Car cabotage

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Tour Guide

Tour Guide: means the tour guide and tour leader who, with sufficient information from the destination, is responsible for conducting tours and resolving the problems of passengers at the destination. Be aware of the specifications of the guide and how to access it.

Low Season

In the off-season, tourism-related institutions usually offer concessions to travelers to spend the season and prevent damage from the recession. Some of these benefits are:
1- Some hotels, knowing that the extra bed has a certain rate, but in terms of providing desirable services and advertisements for the busy season, refuse to receive extra money for the bed for children under 12 years old.
2. Air, land and rail travel, hotels and agencies offer lower rates than usual for travelers and this discount depends on their position, season and desire.
3- Discounts for group travelers, especially for groups that try to attract group or tourist travelers in the off seasons for air, land and rail travel lines, hotels and agencies.
4 - In motels and especially seaside hotels, the issue of discount rates is of particular importance because in winter (Low Season) when seaside hotels are deserted, this may be the best tool to attract some customers.

The best words about travel

Travel can be one of the most powerful treatments for any pain

Every human being needs to travel to evolve. (Hillary Block)

Nothing can be more creative than traveling. (Emile Zola)

Travel is one of the most promising signs of life.
(Agnes respondent)

The best airlines

1-Qatar Airways, 2-Air New Zealand, 3-Singapore Airlines, 4-Qantas Emirates,5- Pacific Kata, 6-Virgin 7-Atlantic, 8-United Airlines,9- EVA Air,10- British Airways,11- Lufthansa,12- ANA,13- Finnair,14- Japan 15-Airlines,16- KLM,17- Hawaii Airlines,18- Alaska Airlines,19- Australian Virgin,20 Delta Airlines, Etihad Airlines.